Thank you for attending the 2018 Teeny Tiny Summit

The Municipality of Tweed and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs are proud and excited to announce the Agenda for the 2018 Teeny Tiny Summit, Creating our Future: Finding the EXTRAORDINARY in the Ordinary, to be held on June 14 at Trudeau Park in Tweed!

Location: Trudeau Park Resort, 15 Trudeau Lane, Tweed, ON K0K 3J0

"The Story of Us"

Speaker Presentations

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Lisa Marie Diliberto
Artiste Director

Charles Ketchabaw
Managing Director

Peter Smith
Project Director

Don DeGenova
Councillor in the Municipality of Tweed

Tweed & Co Theatre
Creator and producer of Original Canadian Musical Theatre

Wendy Merkley
Retired Information Technology Executive

Rachelle Hardesty
Manager of Community Development

Stephanie Sims
Community Connections Facilitator

Katherine Sedgwick
Journalist, writer and community worker

Jeff Mills
Coordinator Community Development

Sherryl Smith
Active volunteer in Pakenham Ontario

As evidenced in our daily lives, and highlighted at previous year’s summits, we all HAVE the capacity to create our own futures, and to find the extraordinary in the every day.  This year we would like to take that message one step further, and provide you with some stirring examples, relevant tools, awesome success stories from our Teeny Tiny peers, great local food, and most of all, FUN, to inspire you and motivate you in the context of your own community.


We are pleased to announce that Charles and Lisa from FIXT POINT Arts and Media will be our keynote for the 2018 Teeny Tiny Summit!

Fresh off a whirlwind four-year tour across Canada that saw them visit close to 200 communities, Lisa Marie Diliberto and Charles Ketchabaw unpack their findings. Between 2014 and 2017 they travelled the country with their project, The Tale of a Town Canada, interviewing over 3000 Canadians about their local communities. This keynote presentation will take attendees on a journey to visit a few of the communities they encountered, highlighting how every town has something extraordinary hidden inside the ordinary memories of the people who call it home. Through theatre, audio installations, and digital media, The Tale of a Town has helped countless communities to look back at their history and inspire their future. FIXT POINT’s mandate, “Dream BIG, start small” is something that attendees can take to heart as they imagine the possibilities for celebrating and sharing their communities’ own stories.


As people strongly invested in our local communities, we are always asking what we need for ourselves, individually, as groups, and as a society as whole. These needs, “the what”, are often expected to be the answers to all our problems but identifying the “the why” – the values that underlie these needs – provide for much more productive discussion and planning for the future.

In this workshop we will highlight the importance of “the why,” and how Charles and Lisa worked to uncover it in communities across the country.

Their projects have used a simple recipe:

Local activation (engaging the community through storytelling) + Civic animation (public presentation and performance) = Community amplification (the collective community memory).

Through this process of collective community memory building, Charles and Lisa have helped communities to identify the values that underlie what they miss about the past, and what they hope for in the future. Engaging so many community members in storytelling is also the way to map community assets – its talents, thoughts, and aspirations, highlighting the EXTRAORDINARY in the ordinary. Participants in the workshop will be encouraged to brainstorm strategies for activation, animation, and amplification in their own communities.


Also in store for Teeny Tiny Summit 2018 is an exciting partnership with Tweed and Company, who will prepare a special and unique presentation as part of this amazing day!

A selection of Tweed & Company’s performing artists will join the participants of the Teeny Tiny Summit for the duration of the day. The artists will spend some time with the participants and collect information and ideas about what makes us EXTRAORDINARY, and at the end of the day, will be surprising us with a ‘presentation’, musical style, to end the day.

As for the rest of the day, we will be hearing about the Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity and Blyth Arts and Cultural Initiative 14/19 from Peter Smith, Project Director, as well as highlighting some of our extraordinary Teeny Tiny stories, eating delicious local food prepared by Chef Andreas Applebaum from Gourmet Kitchens Catering, and spending time and learning from community champions from across Ontario.


Take a look at our 2017 Teeny Tiny Summit report.

Day 1
14 Jun 2018

Opening Remarks

Greetings from Mayor Jo-Anne Albert, Municipality of Tweed. Welcome and Introduction from Summit Chair, Karen Fischer, OMAFRA

Tale of a Town, Teeny Tiny Edition

Charles Ketchabaw and Lisa DiLiberto. Tale of A Town, Canada
Charles Ketchabaw
Charles Ketchabaw
Lisa Marie DiLiberto
Lisa Marie DiLiberto
10:15 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.



Charles Ketchabaw and Lisa DiLiberto. Tale of A Town, Canada
Charles Ketchabaw
Charles Ketchabaw
Lisa Marie DiLiberto
Lisa Marie DiLiberto
12:00 p.m. - 13:00 p.m.


Creating our Extraordinary Story

Tweed & Co.
Tweed & Co Theatre - Teeny Tiny Summit 2018
Tweed & Co Theatre

Extraordinary Stories from Teeny Tiny Places

Sherryl Smith
Wendy Merkley
Jeff Mills
Katherine Sedgwick
Stephanie Sims
Rachelle Hardesty
14:30 p.m. - 14:45 p.m.


We are the They

Peter Smith, Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity
Peter Smith Teeny Tiny Summit 2018
Peter Smith

Presenting…The Story of Us

A Musical Number Created by YOU. Tweed & Co.
Tweed & Co Theatre - Teeny Tiny Summit 2018
Tweed & Co Theatre


Don DeGenova, Municipality of Tweed Councillor and TTS 2018 Committee Member. Wrap-Up and Evaluations
Don DeGenova

Welcome from OMAFRA Regional Economic Development Branch

On behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2018 Teeny Tiny Summit in the Municipality of Tweed.

The Regional Economic Development Branch began this initiative with a small pilot in Tay Valley, Lanark County, in 2015, recognizing that there were many “Teeny Tiny Places” that could benefit from a dedicated forum in which to discuss scale-appropriate economic development ideas.

Since that time, our regional team has delivered a number of “Teeny Tiny Summits”. They have done this across the province, in conjunction with local hosts who generously provide their time, to bring these relevant topics to a regional audience. The participants over the years, include community volunteers, councillors, municipal staff, and support organizations. The conversations we have are enriching, motivating and create a sense of empowerment and believe in the future.

We pursue this work because we have a shared belief in the critical role that small rural communities have in the overall well-being of the province. They provide safe communities, beautiful tourism offerings, deep cultural heritage, economic opportunity, and so much more. Our theme this year, “Creating our Future – Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary”, speaks to the desire that rural communities have to translate inspiration into rewarding economic development opportunities.

I wish to extend our sincere appreciation to our 2018 local hosts, the Municipality of Tweed, for partnering with us to make the Teeny Tiny Summit a reality this year. In addition, on behalf of our branch, I thank you, the participants, for taking the time to be a part of these sessions, sharing your knowledge and experience to contribute to the ongoing discussions we are having as a community about the power of “Teeny Tiny Places”.


George Borovilos
Regional Economic Development Branch


The Municipality of Tweed has a variety of accommodation choices suitable for all preferences. A list of accommodation options are outlined below.

Actinolite Bed & Breakfast

9 Bridgewater Rd.

Tweed, Ontario  K0K 3J0


Beachwood Hollow Resort

275 Victoria St. S., P. O. Box 728

Tweed, Ontario  K0K 3J0

613-478-5353 or 800-565-4027

Black River Retreat

107939 Hwy 7

Tweed, Ontario  K0K3J0


Lakeside Holidays

225 Victoria St. S.

 Tweed, Ontario   K0K 3J0


 A Resort Bed & Breakfast

Newton House B&B

246 Colborne St., P.O. Box 429

Tweed, Ontario  K0K 3J0


Park Place Motel

3 Victoria St. S., P. O. Box 257

Tweed, Ontario  K0K 3J0


Sunrise Motel

4699 Hwy 37, P. O. Box 4

Thomasburg, Ontario  K0K 3H0


Trudeau’s Resort and Banquet Centre

15 Trudeau Lane

Tweed, Ontario  K0K 3J0

613-478-5511 or 866-844-1483

The Unconventional Moose

108575 Highway 7

Tweed, Ontario  K0K 3J0



15 Trudeau Lane, Tweed, ON K0K 3J0

(613) 847-1399

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