Haliburton – June 7, 2019

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1270 Kennisis Lake Rd
West Guilford, ON K0M 2S0


The day will feature three exciting panels on how youth are impacting economic development in the Dysart et al. (or Haliburton) area.

Young Entrepreneurs Panel Discussion Themes: Why did they locate in a Teeny Tiny? How has their location helped them launch and grow their business? How can other communities unlock the potential of young entrepreneurs in their community?

Environment and Recreation Panel Discussion Themes: What has been the economic impact of youth in the community? How do these amenities and services create a sense of place and community for youth and families? How have these organizations diversified to offer more products and services in their community?

Engaging and Educating the Younger Generation Panel Discussion Themes: How are you engaging youth? How did you identify the need and the importance of that need? What has been the impact of that engagement with youth?